In Somnium, a world doomed to an endless cycle of death, Aiko, a Kyao created by “The Order”, comes across a puppet that will lead her to the worst of futures – her own past.
Developer: ACE
Release Date: TBA


AIKODE (or AI-KODE) is an immersive action role-playing game solo developed by ACE.

Featuring colossal bosses and intricate combat mechanics, players can explore a vast world filled with diverse cities, ranging from a cyberpunk metropolis to steampunk-themed towns and even a faithful replica of Tokyo. Get ready to traverse this expansive world on foot, on a motorcycle, or even take to the skies with your own wings. With hundreds of NPCs whose behaviors vary every day, an extensive relationship system, and different timelines, AIKODE offers a fully-realized world where players can customize characters’ clothing and hairstyle, play arcade games, decorate your home, cook, fish, and engage in a myriad of activities.

Everything is possible in AIKODE… except finding the truth.

Seven days ago, you were born into a world that appears irrevocably fragmented, and doomed to repeat itself in an endless cycle of death. Yet, there may be a way to break free from this grim fate – a child, a puppet, a contract.

Just be aware… they say that those who sign the contract are doomed…”

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