Gotta catch ’em all! Bug & Seek swaps Poké Balls for bug nets and cozy collecting

Do you recall the sense of curiosity and wonder that you had when you first played Pokémon? Indie game studio So Peculiar Games, run by the Knoxville-based wife and husband team Chera and Craig, has taken those feelings and spun them into a captivating new cozy game called “Bug & Seek”. This is essentially a creature-collecting simulator – but instead of Pikachu and Jigglypuff, you’ll be catching real bugs!

Bug & Seek invites you to explore the charming town of Buggburg. Embark on a nostalgic 8-bit adventure, catching over 175 real-life bugs across various biomes and seasons, with each bug accurately reflected in terms of habitat and nocturnal or diurnal behavior. What I mean is that different bugs appear during the day and night – much like Animal Crossing.

Not Just a Game, but a Journey of Discovery

The fascinating world of entomology meets the fun of gaming as you level-up your bug-catching skills, and catch and name new insects. For example, you can name your Luna Moth “Luna Lovegood” after the Harry Potter character, or name your dragonfly “Smaug” from The Hobbit just for a bit of fun. I’ll personally be naming my Assassin Bug “Ezio”. You can also learn about each bug you catch through a funny and witty codex entries (seriously, these are funnier than Animal Crossing quips), and more.

The town of Buggburg once enjoyed a thriving Insectarium. People came from all over to see the bugs, and to buy bugs for their personal collections.  Then, one night, everything changed. All of the bugs were stolen in a crime known as the Great Bug Heist.  The Insectarium was left abandoned and empty and the previous owner disappeared. Can you solve the mystery of who committed the Great Bug Heist? 

Bug & Seek Kickstarter
Bugs aren’t just beautiful and fascinating, they can ‘net’ you some money!

But, it’s not just about catching bugs; it’s about rebuilding an abandoned Insectarium. Make money selling bugs, fulfilling orders for private collectors, museums and schools, completing quests, and even hosting public events at your Insectarium. Here, you’ll choose what bugs to display in order to entertain and draw a crowd. Use your earnings to customize and expand your Insectarium, adding news wings and maybe even a butterfly pavilion.

Expand your Insectarium!

The Heart of Buggburg

What makes Bug & Seek so special is its origin story. The developers, who live in Tennessee, were inspired by their own kids’ encounters with the myriad bugs in their backyard and around their neighborhood. They’ve poured heart and soul into a project that allows you to discover, learn about, and appreciate bugs in a cozy, humorous, and relaxed setting much in the way that they’ve grown to do.

Speaking of neighborhoods, the heart of Buggburg pulses with a tight-knit community of 17+ local NPCs you can interact with, all harboring secrets about the ‘Great Bug Heist’. As you get to know them, perform quests and earn their trust, you’ll piece together clues about the town’s mystery. Who stole all the bugs from the once-thriving Insectarium? Only the most dedicated bug-catchers will reveal the truth!

Kickstarter: The Final Frontier

The Kickstarter campaign for Bug & Seek runs until August 31, 2023, and it’s already reached 34% of its funding goal. As a friend of the developers, I know how much hard work, love, and dedication they’ve put into this charming project.

It’s the perfect game for all bug enthusiasts, young and old, and a must-play for anyone seeking a unique, cozy collecting adventure. So, swap your Poké balls for bug nets, and let’s uncover the mysteries of Buggburg together. Visit the Kickstarter page, and help Chera, Craig and the team bring Bug & Seek to life!

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