Unreal Engine is holding a marketplace anniversary sale with 50% off of nearly 2,000 items

If you’ve been holding back on stocking up your Unreal Engine toolkit, now’s the perfect time to let loose. Epic Games is rolling out the Unreal Engine Marketplace Anniversary Sale right now and it features a jaw-dropping 50% off on more than 1,700 products! Yep, half-price on an extensive selection of assets that could take your project to the next level. The sale ends September 4, 2023, by the way, so you’ve got time to browse.

Ask your wallet for forgiveness, not permission

You’re going to have to apologize to your wallet for me in advance. I personally always shell out too much on these sales, and the selection here is staggering as usual. Are you interested in building a highly stylized fantasy world? Look no further than the complete stylized bundle from Sidearm Studios. This package covers everything from castles and villages to dungeons and forests – all modular. Though admittedly still quite expensive, 50% off is a big chunk out of the cost for this one.

If you’re eagerly waiting for the release of Starfield, consider picking up the UCreate Sci-fi Base Outpost by MichalSornat. It offers a futuristic base set against the backdrop of a barren planet, so your creativity won’t be bound by earthly constraints.

Highlights You Won’t Want to Miss

Overwhelmed by choices? Let me spotlight a few items that jumped out at me:

Deals under $10 and freebies

Honestly, there are just too freaking many items to list, but there you go, a few to kickstart your collection of Chrome tabs today. A word of caution though – set a budget. My advice is to focus on what will actually help only your current or next project. Impulse buys can be tempting, but let’s save buyer’s remorse for another day.

If you’re anything like me, you have a stockpile of assets already, but you’re never against adding even more to your Vault. Let me know in the comments if you’re going to pick up anything in particular. Strapped for cash? Try these products under $10. There are also a few freebies, like the NoGraph plugin that removes the graph lines from Blueprint, the Actor Locker, and even the Multiplayer Shooter Plugin. Happy devving!

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