1001 Nights

1001 Nights

This is an AI-native game. Start a journey in the ancient Persian Empire as Shahrzad. Use magic to turn language into reality, collect unique weapons from the tales, and get revenge on the evil King! The fate of the world is yours to rewrite!

Developer: Ada Eden

Release Date: To Be Announced


“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”
Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of “1001 Nights”, an AI-native game about storytelling.
Inspired by the folktale collection “1001 Nights”, this game follows the story of an evil king who, betrayed by his wife, marries a new maiden each day only to execute her the following morning. You, as Shahrzad, become his next bride. You possess the secret magic to turn language into reality… Can you end his reign of terror?

From Language to Reality!

  • As the heroine Shahrzad, you have the magic that turns other one’s language into reality! Guide the King (powered by AI) to mention keywords in his continuation, such as ‘sword’, ‘knife’, or ‘shield’ … they materialize as in-game weapons!
  • The new reality from the tales will gradually emerge through cutting-edge AI models! Every story is unique between you and the King…

Get unique weapon cards from your story!

  • Each weapon collected from the story is unique — powered by large language model (LLM), each of them gets features and the power value from the story you told with the King! When you told a story about the moon kingdom, your sword may be empowered by the moonlight!
  • Be creative and collect more weapons ..!

Battle with Items from Your Tale!

  • Wield the weapons you’ve conjured to face and challenge the King, in the story world that merged from your tales…
  • Create a new chapter in Shahrzad’s fate, diverging from age-old folklore!


AI-Driven World Creation:

  • Driven by the AI language models, see how your tales create a new reality in the ancient Persian world, merging with the game’s pixel art design!

Challenge Traditional Norms:

  • This is the rebellious version of “1001 Nights”. Guide Shahrzad and defy ancient brutal conventions in the ancient era. Fight against the evil King, revenge for the girls!

Academic Foundations in Gameplay:

  • “1001 Nights” isn’t just a game; it’s also an academic research project. Rooted in academic research, we’ve published two papers in the fields of AI and interactive storytelling during its development. This deep academic integration made it become a novel AI-native game…
  • Delve deep into every corner of the kingdom, unravel buried mysteries, and craft a brand-new tale of “1001 Nights”…

Crafted from academic research with the paper published—experience the allure of an AI-native game!


The developers describe how their game uses AI Generated Content like this:

As a pre-GPT game that started in 2020, the motivation behind this experimental game is to explore creative narrative gameplay based on conversational AI.

When we started this game as an art and academic project, our guiding principle was to use AI only to create novel gaming experiences that were previously impossible, not to replace human creativity in any way. Inspired by the ancient Persian folklore, the game’s soul comes from us, the human creators, not the AI technology itself. AI is just the means by which this vision is brought to life and shared with you. As human artists and researchers, we hope this game serves as an example of how technology can be an actor, while human creators become the directors who shape it in artistic and innovative ways.

All main game assets are manually made by artists in the team, and only used AI visuals to assist minor components, e.g. far background sprite and carpet textures. Please see our official website for the detailed credits.

The main mechanism is: You narrate stories to the King, who is powered by large language model  (the LLM in our free trial is GLM, and you can also use GPT 3.5 or 4 to play the game), and he continues your tale. You must guide him to mention specific weapon keywords. Each weapon is unique, with descriptions generated based on the stories you and the King create together. As you collect more weapons, a world emerges within the story and on the weapon cards.

This real-time imagery is generated through Stable Diffusion based on the stories you tell. We make a conscious effort to avoid using specific artists’ styles to prevent infringement, maintain a general style, and ensure transparency. The main goal is to bring the stories to life in real-time while keeping it consistent with the game’s artstyle. This means we ensure the real-time generated images in our game won’t be mistaken for those created by particular artists or be overly similar to any artist’s style. The base model we use is Cheese Daddy, combined with Pixelization algorithm. These are all opensourced. The workflow is mostly explained in the academic papers we published.

Currently, we’re a small and self-funded indie team without any funding or income for this project. We are awared that the stochastic and source-consuming generative AI technology still has ethical problems in terms of environment and authorship.  With appropriate future funding and support, we aim to address and reduce potential harm from generative AI technologies. We welcome any concerns, suggestions, or questions about our AI-generated content and processes at adaeden1001[at]gmail.com and our Discord. Your feedback will help us improve and explore, and become more considerate.


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