Bureau of Contacts

Bureau of Contacts

“Bureau of Contacts” – ghost-hunting game for 1-4 players, in which you’ll encounter the enemies with the most human-like intelligence ever. Watch what you do and what you say!

Developer: MIROWIN

Release Date: June 2024


  • Neural network controls the ghost’s behavior and tactics, which is changing based on the actions and words players said to the ghost.
    So, yeah, you have to watch what you say 🙂
  • Be careful – you are heard, your actions are evaluated and they decide your fate.

  • Cursed locations – explore them on your own or with friends, each time in unique environments and new layouts from an extensive archive of hand-prepared rooms.
  • Different types of ghosts with different types of temperament – fight them alone, at your own risk, or together with a team, joining forces to achieve a common goal and helping each other.
  • Different types of traps – both from ghosts and from locations-as-enemies.
  • Betrayal and brutal decisions – other Bureau agents may sacrifice you for their own goals

  • Learn the characteristics of a variety of ghosts and other supernatural phenomena to effectively confront them.
  • Use rich arsenal of magic spells, exorcism rituals, various investigation and defensive tools to study and combat the paranormal.
  • Unique ghost behavior strategies and ghost stories will make each of your games special.

Players have the opportunity to comprehensively develop their characters and their abilities through:

  • trade and storage systems
  • experience system
  • reward system
  • collection system


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