Crimson Hollow

Crimson Hollow

Developer: Sheeba Studios

Release Date: Coming Soon

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Hidden from the outside world, there is a little magical town protected by a crimson moon. Begin your new life when you discover the mysterious village of Crimson Hollow.

Explore the dark forests, mystical caverns, and a shrouded underbelly as you hunt down mythical ingredients for crafting your very own magical items. Build up your cozy home from a small forager’s cottage to an illustrious palace of your own design. Pursue new professions such as alchemy, herbalism, blacksmithing, jewel crafting and more. Lend your crafting skills to a growing community of witches, vampires, and mermaids. Get close to the local magical residents as you lend them a helping hand, winning both their trust and hearts. Put your magical might to the test and face off against inhuman enemies as you fight to protect this strange little town you now call home. Your fairytale future in Crimson Hollow is only beginning.

Players in Crimson Hollow can explore the art of crafting and create unique items from the resources they gather. With skills in mining, blacksmithing, fishing, herbalism, and alchemy, the possibilities are endless. Players can unlock the true potential of their resources and create items that set them apart from the rest.

As players journey through Crimson Hollow, they will collect a wide variety of items, weapons, and resources. To keep all of these treasures organized, players will receive an enchanted pouch that can magically fit a large quantity of items. Additionally, players will own a personal journal that contains a map, recipes, quests, and other important information.

Quests are an essential part of gameplay in Crimson Hollow. Players can complete quests for NPCs in order to earn income, recipes, and special items. But it’s not just about the rewards; completing quests will advance the game story line, as information is revealed about each NPC with the completion of their requests.

The magical townsfolk of Crimson Hollow are the heart of gameplay. Players will be able to get to know the witch, vampire, and mermaid characters in town and build relationships with them. By completing quests for them and spending time with them, players can uncover new secrets and reveal hidden perks.

In Crimson Hollow, players can customize their character to have custom outfits, hair, and skin color combinations at the start of the game. As they progress through the game, they can later change their appearance to better suit their evolving style. With so many color options available, players can make their character truly unique and stand out in a town of mystery and wonder.


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