Dungeon Re-Delve

Dungeon Re-Delve

A top down roguelike dungeon crawler with unique and powerful items. Endless procedurally generated dungeons and levels.

Developer: SilverArrow Games

Release Date: Coming Soon


Adventure into ever changing dungeons, lurking with loot, weapons and danger. Recover hidden tools to solve puzzles and keep your adventurer safe. The dungeons are rearranged every time you enter, you must expertly use the tools you find to make your way through to the end. Fight deadly enemies and face off against fearsome bosses who try and stop you from reaching your goal.

Explore procedurally generated dungeons:

Every time you enter the dungeon, it’s rooms twist and turn to create a brand new experience. As you delve into these dungeons you will find new tools such as Bombs, a HookshotMagic Spells and much much more. Use these tools to solve puzzles, traverse dangerous traps, and defeat your enemies.

Unlock new items:

By searching deep into the dungeons you’ll come across a wide variety of loot and treasure. Make it deep enough and you’ll be rewarded with a brand new unique tool to aide you in your adventures. Unlock more and more tools to discover hidden parts of the dungeon.

Uncover new outfits

As you adventure through the dungeons you’ll come across lost explorers in need of help. Save them and you unlock their outfits for you to use on new runs.

Game Features:

  • Explore randomly generated dungeons. These dungeons will switch up and change every time you enter.
  • Use unique items. While searching for loot in these dungeons you will come across unique items that help you progress deeper into the dungeon.
  • Unlock new tools. By venturing far enough into the dungeon you will find new items to unlock in future excursions.
  • Discover new cosmetics. Save lost explorers to unlock new cosmetics and hats.


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