Endless Blue

Endless Blue

A classic survival horror adventure set in a mysterious underwater research facility. Inspired by 90's classics of the genre, this game aims to faithfully recreate not only the gameplay of the era, but the unique aesthetic vibe of 90's sci-fi horror.

Release Date: To Be Announced


Originally created as a short prototype for the Haunted PS1’s Summer of Shivers Game Jam, the latest major update expands upon the original with new levels, enemies, puzzles and cutscenes. Plus a revamped inventory system, many quality of life changes, bug fixes and general polishing.

Keyboard + mouse controls / Xbox compatible controller support
(Mouse required in a few specific places, denoted within game)

Warning: While this game does have checkpoints, it does not have a save game feature – your progress will be lost on exit. However, choosing “Load Game” from the main menu will take you to roughly the half-way point of the demo. The demo is approximately 45 minutes long.

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