ENENRA is a third person, character action game with an emphasis on abilities, set in a cyberpunk world of Neo Tokyo.

Developer: Zahid Ali Jeelani

Release Date: To Be Announced


ENENRA: DΔEMON CORE is a third person, character action game.

Enter the world of Daemon Cores!

In the world of ENENRA every person is born with a Daemon core. Daemon cores are crystalline organs which grant supernatural abilities. Some wielders can move as quick as lightning whereas some have underdeveloped cores. One specific group, Ronin Industries, gathers high end Daemon core wielders and has created a huge mercenary organization, far superior to any military. You play as Enenra, a Daemon core hunter and member of Ronin Industries.


Dynamic Combat

ENENRA combat system bridges the gap between a free flow multi target system and a focused single target lock on system allowing free movement and the ability to attack multiple targets. Quickly switch focus to a single target allowing for a variety of attacks including aerial combat, executions and targeted abilities!

Multiple Stances

Experience three stances, granting the player different move lists which include BLADE MASTER, the jack of all trades stance which gives the player a variety of base moves, RANGED SHIFT, which grants the player close to medium ranged attacks and IRON WALL which is a high risk high reward stance focused on counter play.

Weapon Abilities

On top of the stances you also have access to five variations of Katanas, The Katanas are embedded with Daemon core fragments which grant the user, if compatible, an inkling of the cores abilities for example the STRAND BLADE and its TETHER abilities. These weapons are usually held by the most skilled Daemon Core wielders.

Multiple traversal options

Along with traditional parkour movement, use traversal Daemon cores such as the Accelerate Core and Blink Core, which allow rapid movement through the environment and further expand combat options with varying combo routes.


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