Dive into FreeJack Online - a competitive parkour racing game. Challenge yourself across varied urban terrains with 8-player races. Leap, drift, dash, and showcase your prowess. Explore captivating cityscapes and become a parkour legend. Ready, set, race!

Developer: Inner Engine

Release Date: To Be Announced

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Disclaimer: Dear runners, everything within this world is subject to change as we continue the development process for FreeJack. The game is currently in active development and occasionally runs play tests for feedback and critique, so you’ll most certainly encounter bugs along the way, we kindly ask that you report these issues to our team so we can patch them. Release date is TBA.


Immerse yourself in the universe of FreeJack Online! Fusing the heart-racing thrill of parkour with the competitive spirit of 8-player online races, this game is more than just a sprint through the city—it’s a battle to dominate urban landscapes. Every leap, drift, and dash is a testament to skill as you go head-to-head against fellow parkour enthusiasts. Explore intricate maps ranging from dark underground sewers and bustling seaside harbors, to serene Japanese-inspired gardens and mesmerizing cosmic arenas.


Customize your attributes for speed, agility, technique, and strength to craft your own racing approach, offering various strategies to outdo others. Unlock talents unique to each character, shaping how you play and allowing for diverse combinations of mechanics. Utilize a range of skills, from striking and sprinting to performing tricks and chaining combos with the intent to unleash max booster. It’s not just about winning the race but about mastering your skills and leaving your mark on the track.


Add a personal touch using the locker room, mixing and matching clothes and hair styles to show up in style! And gear up for more! Our expansive roadmap promises even more characters, cosmetics, game modes, and talents.


Sharpen your reflexes and get ready to showcase your prowess in our public play tests. Dive into FreeJack Online—where every race is a story of adrenaline, tactics, and unmatched parkour feats.

Join the race, traverse the urban landscapes, and etch your legend among the best in FreeJack Online. Ready, set, parkour!


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