Galactic Diner

Galactic Diner

Galactic Diner is a cosmic cooking-themed action-adventure RPG full of minigame mayhem! Battle to become the galaxy's top chef on a planet full of friends, food, and mysteries. Can you make it to the top?

Developer: Spicy Curry Games

Release Date: Q4 2024


Galactic Diner is a minigame-based RPG about winning a galaxy-wide cooking tournament.

Play as Chili, who’s whisked away to compete in Galactic Diner, the universe’s most popular TV show. Serve customers, explore an alien world, meet new friends, and master everything from pancakes to dumplings as you cook your way to the top!


🌶️ Save the world in an action-packed story! Win Galactic Diner, and your dreams will come true. But there are powerful forces at work – and they’re not about to let a human ruin their plans. Winning won’t be as easy as it seems…

🍳 Cook your way through the galaxy! Master over 50 unique cooking minigames to keep your customers coming back for more. Cook inside a hot pot, underwater, in a beach house and in a moonlit garden as you compete against the galaxy’s best chefs for the ultimate prize.

🍹 Explore a vast alien world. Spend hours and hours wandering the expansive Galactic Resort. Visit the arcade, the hot springs, and the food court, or dive into the vast network of tunnels and hidden rooms beneath the Resort and discover its endless secrets.

🍕 Make new friends! Meet the best chefs the galaxy has to offer – and get to know ghosts, pop idols, reclusive hackers, and many more guests with their own secrets. Strike up a conversation in the Resort, then deepen your friendship even further with unique character cutscenes.

🍮 A new story around every corner! Help out guests with dozens of unique sidequests. Ace trivia quizzes, run a steakhouse, thwart the space mafia, and more.

🍈 Go on a galactic shopping spree. Collect and upgrade over 50 pins with unique helpful effects. Explore dozens of shops and buy food, hats, room decorations, and much more.

🐬 Kick back and relax with some fishing. Discover the many alien fish that call the Galactic Resort home, from Donutfish to River Dragons.

🍰 Cool off with a round of Cake Duel! Dive into the galaxy’s favorite card game and face off against guests around the Resort. Collect over 50 cards, build the perfect deck, and challenge the three Cake Bosses.

🎮 Full controller & Steam Deck support.


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