High Fructose

High Fructose

A first-person arena shooter delicious roguelite. As a ninja fox, wield up to 4 weapons to slay monstrous fruit. Buy from the shop to create builds and endure the relentless onslaught.

Developer: Chazak Games

Release Date: Coming Soon


As the chosen hero, a nimble ninja fox, I face off against mutant fruit monsters in constantly shifting arenas. Each wave tests my agility and combat prowess in unique battlegrounds. I unravel the mystery behind this juicy onslaught, adapting my strategies to prevail. Embrace the journey with me, for victory awaits!

Dive into fruitychaos:

  • Culinary Combat: Defeat fruit as prescribed by the recipe to gain maximum coins and experience.
  • Dynamic Arsenal: Select from a variety of swords and weapons that you buy from the shop.
  • Rapid-Fire Action: Thrilling, sub-30-minute battles.
  • Diverse Weapons: Select your sword and other weapons -from Ak47’s to wands to bear cannons.
  • Intense Waves: Battle monster fruit in short, fierce rounds.
  • War Loot: Collect coins for power-ups.

Embark on a fast-paced survival saga where strategy and firepower meet!

Prepare to immerse yourself in an epic saga of survival, where strategy, speed, and firepower converge, with the added twist of culinary creativity in combat!


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