Twilight Explorers

Twilight Explorers

A cute, cozy story-based combat game where you'll fight with non-lethal swords and protect your new hometown while exploring its secrets and building your reputation to win a tournament at the end of the year. Take care of your body, soul and spirit to become the best trainer in town!

Developer: Faithdrawn Studios

Release Date: To Be Announced

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You’ve just moved in with your dad and it’s time to meet the locals!
Explore your neighborhood and its mysterious surroundings with your new friends, do favors and run errands for your neighbors and eat delicious food while you’re at it. Train at the local dojo to improve your physical health so you can protect your new home from mischievous monsters in dynamic, turn-based combat.

Along the way, you’ll meet your rival and build a reputation as the strongest trainee swordsman in the town. Because there’s a sparring tournament coming up at the end of the year, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. Who knows, you may even discover that you can tap into Kairos, this world’s creative energy which allows you to unleash powerful elemental attacks!

Key Features

  • Explore your Hometown and its mysterious surroundings with your new friends (NPCs) who will dynamically speak for themselves throughout your adventure. Uncover the secrets of the past and how they’re tied to the dangers of the future.
  • Train at the dojo to improve your physical health including your stamina, strength, defense, speed, flexibility, and focus so you can be better equipped to help the neighbors
  • Protect the town from mischievous monsters and faint them with your foam sword
  • Set up a secret base and decorate it how you want!
  • Experience a fantasy setting threaded with modern and futuristic technology, including your high tech phone that allows you to manage your Barrier, equipped gear, abilities, bag items, Shelldex, stickerbook, news, rumors, and even chat with your friends (NPCs) in simulated social gameplay.
  • Continuously challenge your rival throughout key milestones of the story as you prepare for the upcoming bokken sparring tournament that is to take place at the end of the year!


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