Hunter Chronicles: Tara and Vyn

Hunter Chronicles: Tara and Vyn

A charming, action-packed RPG inspired by handheld gaming classics! Platform your way through many colorful locations, and beat up baddies in a challenging, familiar mix of turn-based combat and skill-based timed hits, with a rockin' soundtrack, crisp pixel graphics and an emotional story.

Developer: Sleep Deprived Games

Release Date: To Be Announced

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Hunter Chronicles: Tara and Vyn is a turn-based RPG with gameplay inspired heavily by the beloved Mario & Luigi series. You play as Tara, a young girl that’s a ball of optimism, and Vyn, a moody and crass young boy, who’s hiding a dark past. Together, they (reluctantly at first) team up to become Hunters – adventurers that set out beyond the safety of the city walls to explore the world, protect caravans, and defeat troublesome monsters for gold and glory!


    – Turn-based RPG combat with an action spin! Time your attacks for extra damage, then dodge and counter enemy attacks in real time!


    – Controlling two characters at once, each having their own moves to perform in the overworld and in-battle.


    – Unique, colorful areas to explore, connected by a vast overworld hiding optional secret dungeons, caves, and goodies to find everywhere!


    – A world filled with platforming challenges and dungeons full of puzzles.


    – A memorable Soundtrack filled with catchy bops, exciting battle themes, and emotional undertones.


    – Character driven and Lore-Rich story, with plenty of humor, a focus on worldbuilding, and lovable characters.


    – Smooth Pixel animations brimming with personality!

Mature Content Warning: The game contains some references to different forms of trauma, as well as death. If any of the topics mentioned are disturbing to you, proceed with caution.


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