Java Saga

Java Saga

Order up! Join Mornin’ Jo and D’Caff, the mischievous mixologist duo, on their daily grind as baristas in Suburb City! Keep a healthy work/fight balance as you serve customers and take down the dastardly cronies of T.E.A. Inc in Turn-Based combat in this zany Action RPG!

Developer: Neptune 64

Release Date: To Be Announced


Java Saga is a zany turn-based adventure inspired by 2000s RPGs and 3D Platformers, light on polygons added for that retro flair.

Lesbian Baristas Vs. Capitalism
Take the role of Mornin’ Jo and D’Caff, the spunkiest queer mixologists in Suburb City, as they chase down the bitter CEO of T.E.A. Incorporated, and take down her lackeys along the way!

Keep Suburb City Weird – Together!
Serve the world, either on your own or with a partner via couch co-op, and use the combined strengths of Jo and D’Caff to platform your way through the alleys, forests, and caverns that make up the world of Suburb City.

The Big Gay
Java Saga is the first major release by this development team, and is a collaboration brought to you by a crew of folks who come from all across the LGBT+ spectrum, so expect the gays, and expect a lot of them!


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