Kokoa is a Nintendo inspired turn-based RPG that focuses on simple gameplay for all skill levels! Help Kokoa and his pal Dawn stop an evil showman from taking over the world!

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So apparently this evil showman showed up and is now causing havoc across the lands! It’s up to Kokoa, his pal Dawn and a wish granting Fairy in-training to stop this Malicious Magician from taking over the world!


  • Travel through a colorful world, meeting both friend and foe alike!
  • Encounter varying enemies you’ll need to adapt to for victory!
  • Uncover a mystery about Fairies, wishes and dark powers!

Kokoa and dawn.png

Meet Kokoa the Cat and his best friend Dawn the Bunny! This dynamic Duo will go through any lengths to help out in any way they can! Now that they were wrapped into this strange story of magic and secrets, they’ll need more then their wits and skills to come out on top!


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