Lifelikes aren’t real! At least, nobody thought living appliances as smart as humans could be, until all hell broke loose in rural Ohio. Fight back in radio-inspired combat against toasters, lamps, and other living objects as you get to the bottom of a magical mystery in this electromagnetic RPG.

Developer: mntsstudio LLC

Release Date: May 2, 2023


  • Pesky living appliances have taken over the rural streets of Greenbury, Ohio! The sudden outbreak occurred after Nathan Weeks—local appliance store owner known for experimenting with magic—was found dead on the pavement outside his business. Rumor had it, he’d been attempting to create a Lifelike… An impossible magical being in a robotic body comparable to a human.
  • Play as Nathan’s grandchild, Leo, a tired teen who’s falsely blamed for the appliances. Trounce toasters, lamps, and other misbehaving machinery as Leo responds to a weird call for help at the condemned appliance store.

  • The world of LIFELIKE is a marriage of fantasy and science fiction set in the late 2000s where magic users bend electromagnetic waves to their will. Turn based magic attacks adapt real-life wave behavior into fast paced action-command style combat. Even during enemy phases, players can defend against attacks and send them back to deal more damage.

  • Purchasing LIFELIKE extends to all future episodes of the game released to Steam. Think of it as a preorder but you get some content up front! Sweet!


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