MechaWing Adventure

MechaWing Adventure

Is this a 2D platformer, or a 3D platformer? It's both! Flip from 2D to 3D at your leisure to explore and platform your way across a multitude of levels, some of which include mind-bending puzzles. With unique powerups and a geometric artstyle, this adventure is sure to be super!

Developer: Birdices

Release Date: To Be Announced


This is MechaWing.

MechaWing Is a robot.

She also has the power to travel between dimensions!

Switching between 2D and 3D perspectives is the name of the game in MechaWing Adventure. Flipping between dimensions is the most powerful tool in your arsenal, and you’ll need to use it everywhere!

Need to solve a puzzle? Flip!

Need to cross an impassable Gap? Flip!

Weird shadowy alligator guy flying at you 100 miles an hour? FLIP!!!

You’ll encounter a group of dastardly foes as you make your way through the levels… They call themselves the King’s Court, and each of them has a different weird reason for wanting to destroy the world. They’re a formidable team, but don’t sweat it! You’re a bird! You can do anything!

There are many ways to defeat enemies, like doing tricks in the air and utilizing cool, unique powerups!

Shoot hockey pucks that bounce off walls…

Transform into a jet and glide across great distances like a paper airplane…

These powerups are interesting enough on their own, but when you throw 2D-3D flipping into the mix, it adds a whole new dimension of depth!


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