Miro and The Flower of Youth

Miro and The Flower of Youth

Explore a vibrant wasteland, battle mutated foes, and rebuild your town in Miro! This action RPG features turn-based combat with a strategic twist, quirky characters, and a heartwarming story. Dive into a world of exploration and become the hero your world needs!

Developer: Transmission Games

Release Date: To Be Announced


Miro is a single-player, 2.5D action RPG where you embark on a heartwarming journey of exploration, platforming, and rebuilding. Take control of Miro, a mutant with a big heart, and set out to restore your hometown and surrounding areas after a nuclear fallout caused by his creator, Vitto.
Unfold a Charming Post-Apocalyptic World:
Explore vibrant yet desolate environments teeming with secrets and hidden areas waiting to be discovered. The game rewards curiosity and exploration, offering extra challenge and replayability for those who seek it.
Engaging Combat with a Strategic Twist:
Dive into turn-based combat that allows you to strategize your moves and abilities. Action commands during battles add an interactive element, increasing engagement and rewarding skillful timing. Unique partners with diverse abilities join you on your journey, offering strategic options in both combat and exploration.
Unforgettable Characters and a Lighthearted Story:
A richly crafted narrative unfolds as you explore the world, uncovering its mysteries and meeting unforgettable characters. The game’s lighthearted atmosphere and humorous tone create a fun and memorable experience.
Accessible Design for All Skill Levels:
Intuitive controls and easy-to-understand mechanics make the game welcoming to players of all skill levels. Playful and whimsical art style with a focus on creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere.


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