Explore the underground, customize your party, fight clogs and uncover secrets in this turn based RPG about the lives of funny looking plumbers.

Developer: The Bakery

Release Date: To Be Announced


MOMOinc is a turn based RPG about plumbers, friendship, and nothing unordinary at all. Play as Cricket, a 20-something young adult who moves to Clover Town, a small peaceful town in the middle of nowhere, to work there as a plumber. Players will complete plumbing assignments, solve puzzles, and battle clogs to help their friends and get stronger. With unique combat mechanics, dungeons to complete, rich character dialog and a trove of secrets hidden throughout Clover Town, battle & bottle your way deeper into the web of MOMOinc.


– Original art and animation with a unique art style.
– Original soundtrack by a professional composer.
– Fun combat mechanics.
– Horror elements.
– Mascot costumes.
– Tons of secrets to discover.
– More mascot costumes.


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