Night Stones

Night Stones

Night Stones is a cozy open world game on a magical island you’ve seen in your dreams. Customize your character and start your adventure home as you chat with quirky characters, learn magical spells, control the time of day, and explore the wilderness in your glider.

Developer: Advance Nine

Release Date: Q2 2024


Traverse breathtaking landscapes at your own pace in this open-world adventure, as you embark on a journey to find your way back home.

Encounter unique puzzles as you use Night Stones to manipulate time and unlock pathways to hidden areas and treasures unseen in the light of day.

Confront foes with wit rather than might. Use the environment and the tools at your disposal to outsmart enemies in creative, non-violent ways.

Master new skills and abilities as you progress, unlocking powerful new ways to explore the world’s lush environments.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll meet zany characters who will help you discover why you’re there and how you might return home. Learn the mystery of a missing Traveler called the Oracle who was once building a portal and embrace the mission to become The Last Traveler to finish building the portal in hopes of leaving Mythica.


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