Onirism will take you in the wonderful world of Crearia for a big adventure! Help Carol put her enemies to sleep, using a variety of toys and abilities to aid you in your quest to find Bunbun in this colorful universe!

Developer: Crimson Tales

Release Date: April 26, 2019


Onirism is an Action/Adventure game where you play as Carol, a little girl full of energy and imagination with an attitude.
One night, she is waken up by a strange portal appearing in her bedroom. A mysterious creature emerges from it and steals her Bunbun plushie away !
Without any hesitation, Carol goes through the portal to chase it. She ends up in Crearia, a fantastic world inhabited by strange lifeforms.

In the current version of the Early Access:

  • Discover the first 4 Chapters of the adventure and Explore the first 9 areas of Crearia
  • Find over hundreds of unique and different weapons and gadgets and unlock power ups in a metroidvania fashion
  • Find hidden bonus levels in Crearia
  • Play with or against your friends in a variety of co-op and versus gamemodes

In the final version of the game:

Explore Crearia, this colorful world full of various dangers, meet many new friends and put your enemies to sleep to get Bunbun back!

  • Discover the 10 chapters of the game, split in 20 unique looking areas
  • Unlock hundreds of weapons and discover abilities for Carol in a metroidvania fashion
  • Find all the secrets hidden deep inside Crearia
  • Play with or against your friends in a variety of co-op and versus gamemodes

The game supports these configurations:

  • 1 Player using keyboard and mouse and 3 others using controllers.
  • 4 Players using controllers.

The game does not support:

  • Multiple keyboards and mouses
  • 2 Players or more on the same keyboard


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