A classic 3D platformer with a tactile twist. Open, unfold, and rotate your way through a stunning open world with a varied moveset of double-jumps, dashes, and glides. Explore, solve puzzles and make friends as you try to find every last egg!

Developer: WhyKev

Release Date: To Be Announced

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PaperKlay takes you on a 3D platforming adventure set in a world made out of clay, cardboard, paper and other materials.

Rotate and unfold the environment to progress. PaperKlay has plenty of collectibles and an exciting world to explore at your own pace!

Meet and befriend a charming cast of craftspeople, from the cardboard scarecrows of Foldy Woods, to the great Pinecone King, spiky monarch of Pinecone Village.

Master a variety of moves to explore the world! Double-jump, dash and sprint your way through levels, or use your glider to reach new heights. Your sidekick Nugget has his own unique way of solving puzzles, too!


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