Reindeer Story

Reindeer Story

Reindeer Story is a RPG where you slip into the hoofs of a Reindeer! Run, jump and explore through 6 Chapters of Adventure! Face foes in turn based battles with action commands, evade attacks in real-time and retaliate with Z-Skills! Can you stop Jack Frost's plan and return balance to Winter?

Developer: Azzie

Release Date: November 1, 2024

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Lux the Reindeer and his friends are on a mission to protect Winter!

When Jack Frost infiltrates Santa’s Workshop and steals the 6 Grand Presents the fate of the season hangs in the balance! Join the Red nosed Reindeer Lux and his friends in their struggle to defeat Jack Frost’s forces!

In this cool Adventure RPG build up your wintery warrior’s levels to overcome the game’s challenges! Fight foes in frantic turn based battles with real-time elements and action commands! Saddle up! Collect equipment and magical baubles to boost your party’s stats and unlock new skills in battle!

Make use of your Reindeer abilities in the overworld to run and jump as you explore the settings. Solve puzzles using your magical red-nose to fire lasers or charge with your antlers to break straight through obstacles!

An exciting 6-chapter adventure awaits! Ride a snowmobile through the shivering Snowzone! Face foes in knightly combat in the Autumn Arena’s Knight Games, Take part in the war of Mice and Toys in Toy Town. All this and more await in Reindeer Story!

Be a Deer!

  • Exploration with Platforming!
  • Fast paced RPG turn based battles with Action Commands! Time your button presses to maximise damage!
  • Evade enemy attacks in real time and Use Z-Skills to strike foes during their turn!
  • A 6-chapter adventure!
  • Dozens of locations to Explore!
  • Customise characters for battle with dozens of equipment, skills and abilities!
  • Meet a cast of 100’s of cool, cute and crude characters!

Reindeer Story draws inspiration from a varied set of classic and modern RPGs including Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, Final Fantasy 1-9 and Deltarune. It will feature a 9-12 hour main story line and has lot of optional content and secrets to uncover!

They say the story of the red nose reindeer captured the hearts of millions… This game is a fun and surprising adventure that will be great to play every Winter as a tradition!


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