Developer: Ian Mandarini

Release Date: To Be Announced

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  • Explore interconnected levels! Discover a vast and open world with more than 10 souls-like inspired levels, full of verticality, looping shortcuts and secrets. Make your own path by tackling levels and enemies in a non-linear fashion, intertwined by warm and safe checkpoints.

  • Get lost in a cursed wonderland! Tina’s adventure will take you to dystopic cities, updside-down mazes, haunted forests, eldritch prisons, flying castles, decaying swamps and even the dark side of the moon. You can explore everything you can see.

  • Engage in hard, but fair combat! All enemies attacks are predictable and preventable. But don’t be fooled. Timing is critical and enemies are brutal. More than 15 epic bosses and 40 terrifying enemies are waiting to challenge you in a fast-paced shmup combat.

  • Partner with companions! Make friends with the cute and creepy inhabitants of the nightmare kingdom. Some of them will accompany you, aiding you in your adventure and drastically altering combat playstyle.

  • Immerse yourself with an epic orchestral score! Dive into the darkness of the nightmare realm with a haunting and beautiful original soundtrack composed by Gabriel Barros. All levels and bosses feature unique battle music, transforming combat into an intricate rhythmic dance between formidable foes.

  • Mix and match dream essences! Equip the essences that compound the different beings you encounter. Tweak your gameplay with new passives, skills and stats. Explore synergies both inside and outside combat. Choose your favorites and combine effects to make your journey truly unique.

  • Unfold a dark 3D world with quirky 2D characters! The world of Sonatina is full of contrast. Vivid paper-inspired 2D characters inhabit a bizarre and terrifying 3D world. Be prepared to meet the nightmares and dreams that inhabit it, each with their unique personality.

  • Deal with the consequences of your decisions! The fate of the nightmare kingdom is in your hands. Choices you make during gameplay alter questlines and the world around you. Are you the one who will bring the kingdom hope? Or are you the one who dooms it to ruins?


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