Taro the Sneaky Ninja

Taro the Sneaky Ninja

Sneaky Ninja is the stealth game Nintendo would make, a 2D stealth platformer mix of Mario and Mark of the Ninja! Classic platforming meets tactical stealth action with a wide range of difficulty modes for a game both casual and hardcore can enjoy!

Developer: Starfall Studios

Release Date: 2024


Taro the Sneaky Ninja is the stealth game Nintendo would make. It’s a 2D stealth platformer mix of Mario and Mark of the Ninja, combining classic platforming with tactical stealth action and a wide range of difficulty modes for a game both casual and hardcore can enjoy!


Become one with the shadows and be the adorable ninja you’ve always wanted to be! Stay out of sight by using your environment to hide from enemy Samurai. Use your items to defeat your enemies sneakily or distract them to create an opening to slip by. Use your ninja acrobatics like your double jump, walljump, ledge vault, and many more to move quickly through the shadows. Outsmart your enemies like a true ninja!

For a hundred years, a small Ninja village has lived peacefully in the forest of Udon Groves, protected from the warring Samurai army by the magic of their spirit guardians. One day, the spirits’ magic mysteriously begins to fade and the Samurai invade the Ninja’s home! Join Taro and his fellow ninja on their dangerous journey to restore power to the spirits before the Samurai can wipe out the Ninja once and for all!

Whether you want to take out every last enemy or sneak past without hurting a fly, you have the options to do it your way. Choose from 4 playable characters with their own unique abilities suited for different playstyles, a dozen different items ranging from fast-flying shuriken and arrows to non-lethal smokebombs and sleeping darts, plus several different magical abilities to get you past your enemies in one piece!

6 different chapters with their own themes and environmental mechanics to use to your advantage! Swing from vines and climb ivy in the dense forests of Udon Groves, hide in the wheat and rice fields in the farmlands of Bento Plains, brave the treacherous blizzards of Shiro Peaks and much more!

Sneaky Ninja accommodates all players, from absolute beginners all the way to veterans of the stealth genre. Different difficulty modes transform the game from a casual action platformer to a hardcore tactical stealth game — no one is left out and everyone can play at their own skill level!


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