The Donnerwald Experiment

The Donnerwald Experiment

A mature dreampunk RPG with German folklore, demons galore, interactive combat mechanics and more!

Developer: Wegenbartho Games

Release Date: October 31, 2019

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An endless nightmare awaits Johanna Prokuri!

She was once a prodigy, capable of creating powerful automatons and other machines.
But three years ago, she lost her creativity during a nightmare.

One day a charming mole named Montgomery appears in her dreams.
He warns her that a Dream Demon “cursed” her with something known as the Mare Noctem.
The loss of her creativity is just one of the symptoms and she’s about to turn into a monster soon.

Now the duo is hunting Dream Demons together and try to find a way to get rid of her curse before it’s too late.

  • An interactive combat system with action commands. Aim with your skills and evade enemy attacks.
  • Build and personify your battle machine to fight off Dream Demons. Find a way for “more inspiration” to unlock additional modules.
  • Many characters, all with their own goals, fears and dreams. You can bond with them if you deem it necessary, maybe it pays off to be nice?

  • A big plot tree which allows to see the whole story from different angles.
  • Dogs which can be pet.

  • Many special boss battles, all with their own high quality soundtrack.


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