V.A Proxy

V.A Proxy

V.A Proxy is a fast-paced parry focused combat game with a massive dynamic megastructure to explore, it follows the story of three machines that seek freedom as they fall deeper into the guts of this world. (Note: Trailer is fan made)

Developer: PyroLith

Release Date: Coming Soon


As time passes, the once enduring megastructure began to rot from the inside out, the dwellers of this world began to follow suit, while a handful few managed to keep their sanity.

S-units, weapons of mass destruction told to be the harbingers of war began to awake, breaking a hard earn stalemate many machines fought for, with their awakening things began to stir once more…

Key Features:

  • Fast paced combat: Fight hoards of enemies at breakneck speed, S-Units are defected fighting mechs that are extremely fragile yet cause massive damage with their speed and attack power.
  • Mix of melee and ranged combat: With the aid of your support drones, V-Units, you have a wide variety of close-range and long-range attack options for any combat situation.
  • Seamless Hand Crafted Open-World: Take a moment off fighting and enjoy the beauty of the decaying world as corruption paints breath-taking scenes that tell stories in the crevices of the megastructure.


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