We Kill Monsters

We Kill Monsters

We Kill Monsters is a solo or co-op adventure set in a mysterious and massive pit. You are a Husk of Edinu, homunculi created to explore the depths and hunt Angels.

Developer: Glass Revolver

Release Date: To Be Announced


In their search for Heaven, they found nothing.

Thrown into The Shell, homunculi are made to explore and hunt within the massive pit below their birthplace, the Dying City of Edinu. The only hope for the city lies through the use of Primordial Fluid, the blood flowing through The Shell.

With most of the accessible fluid within the first several layers being extracted, homunculi must travel deeper using The Great Elevator. This elevator of unknown origin stretches to an undetermined depth and can only be powered through an immense output of energy, such as the death of an Angel.

Upon entering a new layer, a homunculi’s main goal is to hunt the Angel, following its various tracks and using context clues to determine its location.

Each layer of The Shell is expansive and open. This allows homunculi to navigate freely using large structures and various navigation tools. While hunting Angels, you’ll need to explore for items, food, weapons, clothing, and equipment in order to survive.

The journey is long and it’s important to rest. Set up camp anywhere at any time in order to cook, sleep, trade items, sit around the fire, or play a bit of guitar with friends.

Travel alone or with fellow Husks.

Throughout The Shell are Primordial Fountains. Homunculi can use these fountains to travel the void and enter other’s reality. Join friends and strangers on their travels and hunts, whether it be for a brief moment or the entire journey.


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