Woodsy Whatnots

Woodsy Whatnots

A 2.5D Party-Based RPG inspired by the classics. Explore an isolated wooded kingdom full of wacky fantasy species, and spin-smash your way through even wackier foes! Meet colourful companions, and collect new abilities, to face the villainous overlords of this turn-based meets platforming adventure.

Developer: Chiptroid

Release Date: To Be Announced


Woodsy Whatnots is a solo developed 2.5D RPG inspired by the classics, where you explore a rich world of wacky fantasy species, and spin-smash your way through even wackier foes!


 Where WOOD we be without a good story?!

The ‘Wilderguild’ is the premiere research team at studying the existence of fairytale, folklore, and fabled woodland creatures.

When a guild distress signal is received from a distant isolated kingdom, your tech savvy Wilderguilder sets out into uncharted lands on a mission to establish contact. Whimsical dangers await you, as your party becomes entangled in a plot of monstrous beasts run amok, and a gallery of powerful adversaries who WOOD seek to stop you!

Meet colourful companions in your travels, soon-to-be heroes with special abilities. Discover diverse towns for folks of peculiar species, like the Merrish Isles, home to aquatic fish-lizard Princesses, or the woodland critters of Napwood Forest.

 SPRUCED up turn-based gameplay

The Wilderguilder can use their spin-smash to both defeat enemies and traverse the world! Get the drop on foes with first strikes, use your snappy reactions to block incoming timed hits, and customize your set of moves with collectable “patches”.

Patches can be equipped to create unique synergies which award highly creative strategy! Apply zany status effects on hit, give your partner a wild new attack, change the very rules of battle, there’s so much power in patches – they wear it like a badge of honour!

Every character comes with lifesaving Special Move to sway odds in your favour. Keep charging them up by successfully landing attacks or inputting additional button presses within secret timings. It’s the only way you’ll survive the dungeons spawned from the forces of evil!

Venture across an interconnected world with platforms, pit falls, and spikey hazards (it’s a paperlike RPG, would you expect any less?) Or, explore secret areas for additional rewards and optional bosses.



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