World Ends Wednesday

World Ends Wednesday

Join Hazel on a quest to uncover a mysterious treasure before other like-minded adventurers reach it first. The key to your victory lies in the mastery of timing-based RPG combat!

Developer: Chopbusters

Release Date: Coming Soon

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WORLD ENDS WEDNESDAY is a top down RPG that follows Hazel, Toby, and their new friends as they race to track down a long lost treasure before any other like-minded adventurers get their hands on it. Master each party member’s unique abilities through command input combat to clear your path to fame and fortune!

Hazel and Toby are two kids living in a quiet town… until one day, rumor of a hidden treasure sends adventurers and treasure hunters to seek it out. Hazel believes they have what it takes to track down the treasure first. However, things might not always go as planned…

This RPG features turn-based battles with action commands. Each character has their own unique moves, so you must master the timing to come out on top! In the overworld, finding side quests can award you even more treasures!


  • 7 Chapters in total
  • Secret boss(es) hidden within each chapter
  • Side Quests!
  • Go fishing!
  • Buy stuff from a cat guy!


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