10 indie games to play when you only have 20 minutes

We all know the struggle of wanting to dive into an epic game but only having a spare 20 minutes to play. It’s easy to think that such a brief window would limit your options, but think again! The indie gaming world is brimming with titles that offer bite-sized chunks of exhilarating gameplay, perfect for those brief breaks in your day. Whether you’re waiting for a friend, taking a lunch break, or simply need a quick gaming fix, these 10 indie games are the perfect way to fill those fleeting moments with fun and excitement. I’ll be sure to write up more of these in the future as there are just so freaking many that fit the bill!

League of Evil

In League of Evil, players engage in fast-paced, action-packed levels filled with nefarious foes. The bite-sized levels and instant respawn create an experience that is perfect for jumping in and out, whether you’re on a break or simply waiting for dinner to cook. With a retro art style and challenging gameplay, it’s an ideal game for a quick 20-minute play session.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is an action RPG that features fast-paced combat and exploration. Its bite-sized levels are easily digestible in short play sessions, making it perfect for a brief gaming experience. The beautiful pixelated graphics and atmospheric soundtrack add to its charm, keeping you engaged and entertained during a quick break.


TowerFall offers fast and frantic archery combat, designed for multiplayer fun. With quick matches and simple controls, it’s ideal for a fast game with friends or family. Whether you’re playing solo or engaging in thrilling multi-player battles, TowerFall’s intense gameplay makes it perfect for 20-minute gaming.


Spiderheck is a chaotic arena game where spiders, armed with lasers, battle it out for supremacy. With its fast gameplay and emphasis on multiplayer fun, Spiderheck is perfect for short bursts of frantic entertainment. Whether you’re a spider-fighting veteran or just looking for a quick adrenaline rush, Spiderheck has you covered.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is an action-platformer with rogue-like elements that allow for quick runs, each one unique and thrilling. The procedural nature of the game provides a fresh experience even in a short timeframe, making it a fantastic option for those who only have 20 minutes but want a rewarding gameplay experience.

Hollow Knight

In Hollow Knight, an exploration-focused action platformer, players can explore, challenge a boss, or discover a new path, all in the space of 20 minutes. With beautiful artwork, challenging enemies, and engaging storytelling, it’s a game that offers meaningful experiences in small increments.

Katana ZERO

Katana ZERO is a neo-noir action platformer that combines gripping storytelling with intense, short levels. This blending of narrative and gameplay offers just enough challenge and engagement to fill a brief gaming window. It’s a visually stunning and mechanically deep game that perfectly fits into a 20-minute play session.

The Messenger

The Messenger is a ninja action game that transitions from 8-bit to 16-bit, providing unique visuals and exciting gameplay. Its level design encourages short playthroughs, allowing for progress in small increments. If you’re a fan of retro-styled games and want to make progress in short bursts, The Messenger is a great choice.

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a bullet-hell dungeon crawler that promises action, chaos, and unique weaponry. Quick runs and randomized elements make every 20-minute session a new and thrilling experience. Whether you’re new to the genre or a seasoned veteran, Enter the Gungeon offers endless fun in short sessions.

Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a deck-building rogue-like where every run is unique and strategic. The game’s structure allows for short play sessions, making it easy to step in and out without losing progress. With challenging gameplay and endless replayability, Slay the Spire is perfect for those who want a strategic experience in just 20 minutes.

From action-packed platformers to strategic rogue-likes, these indie gems prove that you don’t need endless hours to enjoy a rewarding gaming experience. Whether you’re on your lunch break or just looking for a quick escape from the daily grind, these 10 games provide the perfect mini-vacation in the span of just 20 minutes. So go ahead, take a break and dive into the rich and diverse world of indie gaming!

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