Bear & Breakfast finally receives a release date for Nintendo Switch

The moment I saw Bear & Breakfast on Steam, I was in love with the idea of playing as a well-meaning bear who builds and runs a bed and breakfast in the woods. The hook here is that guests in your “Bear BnB” are humans, and if the hilarious trailer that was released is any indication, their perception is that you’re anything but friendly, despite all the work you put into the resort they stay at.

On its Twitter account for the game, developer Gummy Cat shared that the Nintendo Switch release date – which was previously unknown – would be on September 15, 2022. For those looking at their calendar right about now, yes, that’s just three days from now!

Now, I love my Switch, but with my Steam Deck on its way in a few weeks, I’m hard-pressed to buy this management sim from Valve instead. Being that you personalize several inns with dozens of guest rooms, bathrooms, parlors and entertainment spaces with furniture, fixtures and more, I’m afraid that holding my Switch for hours on end after feeling the Deck’s ergonomic grips will cause me to regret my decision.

Regardless, keeping guests happy and maintaining my reputation as a bear who just wants to earn money some money while exploring the story-rich and mysterious forest surrounding the inn will be my focus no matter where I buy Bear & Breakfast, and I hope you feel the same. Since it’s already available on other platforms, let me know in the comments if you’ve already been playing and what you think about it so far!

Apparently, this game is about so much more than just housekeeping, but I suppose I will have to wait a few days to see what the store page means by searching “deep within the forest and your soul to find the mysterious that lie within”. I’ll make this one of my first Indie Game Mode Let’s Plays on the new YouTube channel, so stay tuned!

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