BOKURA: A two player tale of friendship where each screen is completely different

Worlds Apart, Screens Together

When was the last time you experienced an indie game that nudged you to question your own reality? Meet BOKURA, an exquisite two-player puzzle-adventure that dives deep into the abyss of perception and challenges you to reconnect with another human being in a unique and profound way.

First things first: you cannot embark on this journey alone. The beauty of BOKURA is that it binds two players into a shared experience while each traverses entirely different visual realms. It’s not just about cracking puzzles together; it’s about understanding, collaborating, and questioning if your friend is truly witnessing the same in-game universe as you are.

Player 1 beholds a vibrant landscape populated by whimsical creatures, while Player 2, playing simultaneously, steps into a sleek, mechanized domain. The characters, the animations, the way the world moves – everything differs. But here’s the catch: to progress, these worlds need to sync. Communication isn’t just key; it’s mandatory.

Lost Boys, Split Worlds

BOKURA’s narrative is poignantly wrapped around two runaway boys. An unsettling encounter dramatically splits their perceptions, hurling them into these contrasting dimensions. The underlying quest? Reuniting their shattered reality, and in the process, perhaps, reuniting with parts of our own lost childhoods and the friendships that defined them.

Gameplay and Heartplay

The genius behind this novel gameplay is tokoronyori, an indie game maverick known for churning out masterpieces that challenge gaming conventions. Fans might recall his 2019 game ‘farewell planet‘. His distinct touch ensures that BOKURA isn’t just another game; it’s an experience. An intimate, collaborative dive into gaming’s untapped territories, emphasizing the magic that happens when two people – and two perceptions – come together.

Before even hitting “play”, the game poses its first puzzle: Who’s coming on this journey with you? A loved one? An old friend? Or maybe a new acquaintance you’d love to bond with? The game subtly compels us to relive those precious childhood moments when sharing secrets, stories, and interpretations formed the backbone of friendships.

More Than Meets the Eye

In Tokoronyori’s own words: “BOKURA invites you to not only merge two contrasting game worlds but to overcome personal perceptual barriers. It’s an ode to the friendships of yesteryears, a nudge to ask if the world you’re seeing is indeed the same as mine.”

So, grab a friend, hop on voice chat, and dive into BOKURA. It’s not just about gameplay; it’s about rediscovering connections and the wondrous childhood lens we once viewed the world through. Because sometimes, to truly understand our reality, we need to see it through another’s eyes.

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