Lost Soul Aside may have just dropped its PS4 release with the latest trailer

Since its initial reveal back in 2016, Lost Soul Aside has been one of the most highly anticipated indie games, at least for me. This highly stylized action RPG is the brainchild of Yang Bing, a single Chinese developer who dared to dream and ventured into uncharted territory clearly inspired by Final Fantasy XV. The early glimpses of the game showed promise and attracted massive attention from the gaming community. Yang Bing, however, is no longer a lone ranger in this endeavor. He’s since built up a full team under the moniker of Ultizero Games to help bring his vision to life.

A new trailer with some bad news

The ChinaJoy 2023 trailer for Lost Soul Aside, which was recently dropped, showcased the protagonist in an epic face-off against a formidable water titan. The trailer exhibited the game’s unique combat system, wherein the protagonist used a mix of fast-paced actions and flashy combat maneuvers to slay the gigantic beast.

“Lost Soul Aside is an action RPG developed on Unreal Engine 4 and planned for release on PlayStation 5 and PC,”

Ultizero Games

The most recent blurb for the game is notably missing any mention of a release for the PlayStation 4, leading me to believe it’s no longer slated for release on the previous generation console.

Lost Soul Aside isn’t vaporware, is it?

The comments section of the trailer quickly became a hub of disappointment and speculation too. Many gamers vented their frustrations, with accusations of the game becoming vaporware – a term used to describe games that are announced and heavily promoted, but never actually see the light of day.

It’s well-known that the Chinese gaming industry has been both lauded for its ambition and criticized for its tendency to over-promise and under-deliver. Despite an array of talented developers and a plethora of visually stunning and innovative games, the gap between promise and execution often leaves fans disappointed.

Defying the odds

Yet, amidst all the skepticism, there remains a strong desire to see Yang Bing and his team overcome these challenges. I remain hopeful that they can defy the odds, and that we may finally be able to play Lost Soul Aside, a game that has been in development for the past six years.

With its heavy FFXV influence, which has gained its own DNA over the course of development, fluid combat, and interesting story setup, Lost Soul Aside has shown tremendous potential. The latest trailer only heightened my longing for its release, and I hope it drops this next year at the latest, though I’m cautiously optimistic.

For now, we can only wait, hope, and show our support for this team as they continue their quest to deliver a game that wouldn’t have existed without the passion Yang and Ultizero have poured into it. We’re rooting for you, guys!

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