Moonstone Island: This creature collecting open world life sim is now available

You’ve likely already heard of “Moonstone Island,” a product of Studio Supersoft’s development finesse and Raw Fury’s publishing acumen. This game has been all over my social circles as of late, and it looks super cute and well-crafted. It promises a blend of creature-collecting adventures set against a rich life-sim backdrop. Let’s take a look!

Embarking on an Elevated Odyssey

Within the boundaries of Moonstone Island, you’re treated to an open world with a staggering 100 islands ready for exploration. The overarching task is to master alchemy by engaging in activities that range from potion brewing to establishing bonds with Spirits – hence, the Pokémon-style aspect of the game.

The narrative intricately weaves in village traditions, challenging young alchemists to journey to a celestial island to conclude their alchemic studies. However, the path is riddled with challenges and unexpected diversions. The set up here is a mix of cozy and adventurous, and the whole islands world building aspect is an easy fit for the gameplay and story style!

Navigating a Realm of Enigmas and Encounters

Armed with nature spirits, an array of magical potions, and supportive allies, you must traverse ancient temples, confront ominous dungeons, and deal through hostile biomes. At the heart of this adventure is a pressing question: What secrets are concealed within Moonstone Island?

The depth of the game is further accentuated by interactions with a diverse NPC lineup. Forming bonds, initiating romances, and embedding oneself within the community are all facets of the Moonstone Island experience. You can gift any NPC items, build your affection with them and more, and this is exactly what I’m doing in my own indie game, Hometown Hero! It has a very Stardew Valley vibe to it in this area of the gameplay, so far as I can tell.

Creation, Customization, and Mastery

The game offers vast housing possibilities. With 100 islands to choose from, you can create your own unique sanctuary. Whether you’re cultivating crops (of course) or decorating living spaces, you’ll be able to express yourself in your own unique way within the life sim mechanics of the game, and I’m here for it.

Travelling is a big part of the game too, since, well, you know, islands are surrounded by water, and there are a ton of them. Because of this, you’ll be able to traverse the islands via balloons, a broom, and more. The expansive wilderness houses spirits ready for alliances and dungeons laden with treasures waiting to be uncovered.

Moonstone Island looks to be a labor of love crafted with beautifully accurate pixel art and offers depth, diversity, and a captivating narrative. Though it just released, it’s already on my radar and it should be on yours too! Let me know in the comments if you’re picking this one up, if you have any questions about the gameplay, or if you want to see a first look playthrough on the YouTube channel. For this week alone, Moonstone Island is also on sale for an introductory 10% off, as you’ll notice from the widget at the top of the article, so snag it before it goes up to full price!

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