No Man’s Sky Modder Discovers Procedural Space Stations in Game’s Data

Some exciting news has surfaced in the No Man’s Sky community. A modder by the name of Ayymang on Discord has discovered a bunch of procedurally generated space stations in the game’s data. These models were previously unknown, and it looks like Hello Games has put a lot of work into them. I’m serious, these things are gorgeous!

A feature players have been begging for

According to Ayymang, he first found a folder with textures that didn’t belong to any known or existing models in the game. He then tracked down those models for the space stations before loading them into the game and flying around them! The stations have many different variations and can be combined in the game’s code to display differently on runtime.

Source: Nexus Mods

All of the screenshots and footage shown here are from Ayymang (@AyyMang#6709), WinderTP, Gix CC (@Gix CC#1691), Vrabo and Thatbomberboi on Discord. The news of these space stations was first brought to my attention by Kanaju on YouTube – one of my favorite content creators for No Man’s Sky content. Be sure to subscribe to his channel!

Tempering expectations

These stations are significantly more detailed than anything currently in the game. It’s clear that some Hello Games developer has put a lot of heart and soul into them, and it’s possible that they could be a part of a future update. However, it’s also possible that they are unused assets that never made it into the game. Initially, they were untextured, and a YouTuber named “Sean Sean Sean” had to go in and apply the textures to them. Interestingly, these textures called for colors that aren’t currently in the game’s palette, so they had to be added with mods.

As I said, there’s every possibility that we’re not looking at a future update, but rather unused assets. It is common for devs to do this. However, with this much detail and effort put in, it would be strange to just abandon them. Either way, it does get me extremely excited for the potential of player-owned space stations and the final mystery in the game – the purpose of the station core!

In any case, the discovery of these space stations has brought a renewed sense of excitement to the No Man’s Sky community. We can’t wait to see what Hello Games has in store for us in the future!

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