Dive into black holes and uncover cosmic secrets in No Man’s Sky’s new Voyagers Expedition

The introduction of the ECHOES update in No Man’s Sky set a new bar for gameplay with its inclusion of the Autophage – a mysterious new robotic race, and the powerful Staff multitool you construct yourself. Now, Hello Games is giving you even more to do with its eleventh community expedition, Voyagers. Situated in the Livarika system, this mission offers an opportunity for more meaningful exploration and a treasure trove of unique rewards. Let’s check it out!

Venture Through Black Holes and Catalog New Worlds

Voyagers is distinct in its push for exploration. Players are encouraged to venture to diverse worlds, discover exotic creatures, and for those feeling particularly brave, dive through a black hole. There’s even something for all of you archaeologists out there – more excavation!

Voyagers rewards

Here are the rewards being offered for completion of the expedition. You can spruce up your exosuit with an Electric Jetpack Trail, decorate your base with Voyage-themed posters, and even get a Mechanical Paw or a HoverDroid Companion to accompany you on your journey – all items that appeared yesterday in the Quick Silver shop aboard the Anomaly!

Big, freaking mechanical paws

You can also construct base ornaments, an exclusive set that includes a makeshift planetary shelter, a detailed replica of an Autophage facial cage, and a partially assembled robotic hand. Pretty freaking cool, right?

Exclusive Autophage Base Ornaments
Check out this cute HoverDroid Companion!

Seamless Transition to Normal Mode

As with all other expeditions, you will have the opportunity once it’s over to convert your progress into a Normal Mode save. All your efforts and discoveries are carried over, and you can keep enjoying the benefits!

Voyagers will run for approximately two months, offering plenty of time to explore, achieve, and reap the many rewards it offers. It serves as a rich addition to the ever-evolving universe of No Man’s Sky, inviting both veteran players and newcomers to partake in its unique blend of exploration and discovery.

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