Onirism takes you on an unexpected classic adventure to get your plushie back

No one steals Carol’s plushie

During my late night Twitter deep dive for new indie games to cover here (and thanks to Archival Ekli over on our awesome Discord community), I came across Onirism, a game modeled after the classics where you put your enemies to sleep with a variety of toys and abilities. Playing as Carol, you navigate the world of Crearia looking to retrieve your stolen plushie from the creature that stole it!

Crearia is full of strange lifeforms, all trying to keep you from getting your BunBun back. Onirism is currently in development and in Early Access on Steam, and features the first four chapters of the adventure, and nine of the areas to explore. There are power ups you unlocked Metroidvania-style, and co-op and versus game modes. For some reason, the setup of this game reminds me of games like Fur Fighters, and I can’t tell you how much I needed a hit of that nostalgia today.

Onirism is a classic adventure full of charm

The full game, once released, will feature a total of 20 explorable areas, 10 whole story chapters, a bunch of bonus areas and secrets, just like the good ol’ days, and more. Interestingly, the first player can use a mouse and keyboard, while the other three in multiplayer mode will need to use gamepads. All four players can use controllers though, but yeah, an interesting setup for players 2-4, so I thought I’d mention that.

I quite like the visual style, playful nature of the world, and even the architecture and level design employed here. The combat looks frantic and fun, and there’s a mix of swordplay and gunplay. The variety of hand crafted levels, the old school approach that makes everything feel lively and interesting instead of samey and the mix of gameplay styles overall is just freaking incredible. Clearly, the devs played lots of games like this when they were younger, and I, for one, can appreciate the love they’ve poured into Onirism.

How you can support the developers

I’m most certainly buying and playing this for you all on the new YouTube channel. Let me know in the comments if you’re going to pick up Onirism on Steam in Early Access or if you’re going to wait for when it launches in full. You can support the developer, Crimson Tales, by joining their Discord community, following them on Twitter, and of course, by buying the game on Steam for $17.99, which I think is an extremely fair price for such an adventure!

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