Spells & Secrets: Dive into the enchanted realm with the new demo now live!

Magic is in the air, and for all the budding wizards and witches out there, there’s a new adventure awaiting! The creators of the indie game Spells & Secrets have officially announced the release of a newly optimized demo, crafted to perfection based on the valuable feedback of its enchanted community. Okay, am I laying it on too thick? What, I love games inspired by Harry Potter, and they don’t come around often, so let me have some fun!

What’s new in the demo?

According to the announcement on the Spells & Secrets Twitter account, you can now revel in a more magical gaming experience with enchantments, I mean enhancements that promise to charm:

  1. Faster Spellcasting: Unleash your spells with unprecedented speed and precision, ensuring that every flick of your wand counts!
  2. Enhanced Graphics: Dive deeper into the game’s mesmerizing universe with improved visuals that bring every magical creature, setting, and spell to life in vivid detail.
  3. Smoother Tutorial: For those just beginning their magical journey, the revamped tutorial provides a seamless introduction, ensuring that every player can easily grasp the game’s mechanics and nuances.

A magical rogue lite adventure

For those unfamiliar with “Spells & Secrets”, it’s a rogue lite adventure set against the backdrop of the prestigious Wizard Academy of Greifenstein, now under siege by magical creatures. As players, your mission is to liberate this esteemed academy using your spells. But it’s not just about casting spells; it’s about using them creatively, strategically, and at times, even cunningly.

If you’ve always wanted to be a wizarding student with magical powers, if you love to explore fantastic worlds and uncover mysteries, “Spells & Secrets” is the perfect game for you.


One of the standout features of the game is its local co-op mode. Team up with friends or family and dive into this the fray together. Collaborate, strategize, and overcome challenges as a unified force.

Customization, co-op, mysteries, and artifacts

Every witch or wizard is unique, and “Spells & Secrets” acknowledges this by allowing players to customize their student avatars. As you progress, uncover the academy’s mysteries and hunt for powerful artifacts that can amplify your abilities.

Every corner holds a secret, every challenge is an opportunity, and every spell can mean the difference between triumph or defeat. So, whether you’re a seasoned witch, a novice wizard, or someone who just loves a great gaming experience, the new demo of Spells & Secrets promises to be a great entry point into this fantastical world. It’s live now and you can grab it on Steam using the widget at the top of the page!

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