Synergy: The city builder where your choices shape survival

On a planet as captivating as it is challenging, nature emerges as both protector and predator. Every gust of wind, every droplet of rain, and every ray of sunshine can dictate the fate of an entire civilization. The heart of survival here doesn’t just lie in constructing, but in truly understanding.

“Synergy”, an visual indie masterpiece from Leikir Studio, due to be published by Goblinz Publishing in Q1 next year, delves into this very essence. In this survival city builder, players are tasked with a captivating mission: crafting a city where the success of its citizens is as interwoven with the land as the buildings that stand upon it. Did I mention the hand-drawn art style is freaking gorgeous?

Humans live on a hostile planet. In this survival city builder, develop your city, face natural disasters, make the right choices. Explore this environment-changing world while keeping your people happy despite extreme weather conditions.


Embracing the Environment

Your citizens find themselves in an environment both alien and oddly reminiscent of home. Simple shelters won’t do; you’re aiming to create a thriving metropolis. This challenge mandates an exploration into the unknown, accumulating knowledge and utilizing it to craft a city resilient and prosperous. Every plant, every stone has a story – and these tales fill your Knowledge Book, providing guidance in resource management, citizen safety, and city optimization. The mantra is to harmonize with nature instead of conquering it like other games.

Unlocking the Secrets of Survival

In Synergy, buildings like the research center and hall of wisdom aren’t mere infrastructural elements. They’re doorways to discovery. Station your citizens, and you soon find yourself unraveling technological and cultural enigmas. Each finding, be it a method for efficient resource extraction or a space for community gatherings, broadens your city’s horizons. Expeditions extend beyond territorial markings; they become avenues of progression. Uncharted regions introduce you to fellow survivors, forgotten tablets, and exotic plants—all potentially transformative for your city.

To encapsulate, Synergy transcends the typical city-building genre. It’s a choreography of human endeavor, nature’s rhythm, and the decisions that intertwine them. The pressing query remains: in a world perpetually in flux, can you choreograph a dance of prosperity? Now that I’m off of my soapbox, let me know in the comments below if you’re going to wishlist Synergy on Steam and if you’re excited to play it next year!

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