The Spirit & the Mouse lets you play as a mouse with electric powers

Bringing Kindness and Light

I never thought I would wake up and see a game about a mouse with electric powers, but here we are. In fact, it’s games like this that get me excited about what indie developers can accomplish. They’re not tied to the same restrictions as AAA devs and publishers, and are free to explore the possibilities with wacky, interesting concepts.

The Spirit & the Mouse from Alblune (Published by Armor Games) is just that – a tiny mouse named Lila explores a quaint French village called Sainte-et-Claire and ends up in the middle of a cosmic conundrum. Thanks to a shocking thunderstorm, the little mouse befriends a Spirit guardian named Lumion and together, they do their very best to restore balance to the village they inhabit.

Lila the mouse gaining electric powers in The Spirit & the Mouse

Along her journey, she also gets help from playful electric spirits named kibblins (such a cute name!) which help to illuminate the dark of the village. This is a narrative-focused adventure game where you do what mice do – search every tiny spot for clues and collectibles. Ultimately, Lila must restore power to the people living in the village and return Lumion to the sky where it came from.

Bring kindness and light to the people of Sainte-et-Claire as Lila—a tiny mouse with a big heart! Explore a quaint French village, make electrifying new friends, and do good deeds for those in need in this lush narrative adventure game.

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Here’s why we’re excited

I personally think it’s so perfect and cozy that you collect happiness as a resource to unlock abilities and advance your powers throughout the time you’ll play through the game’s story. We need all the warm, fuzzy (or hairy) games we can get and Lila is the heroine we need to restore our light in these dark times. Having a little fun from a mouse’s perspective can help us realize that we shouldn’t take things too seriously all the time.

You can pre-order The Spirit & the Mouse on Nintendo Switch, or wishlist it on Steam using the widget at the top of this article. It will cost you $19.99 USD and it releases in a little under two weeks on September 26, 2022. I say it’s entirely worth it to poke around as a whiskered rodent and save the world on a small scale while letting your own worries melt away. While you wait, be sure to check out the new Sea of Stars timed hits combat video we reported on yesterday!

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