Tunic Nintendo Switch Feature

As most of you probably already know by now, Nintendo held its latest Direct event yesterday, and, oh boy, they showed off a lot of cool stuff. From a slew of new Nintendo 64 games which will trickle out on to its Online subscription service (yes, including GoldenEye 007) to a brand new remake of Kirby’s Return to Dream Land!

One small, but important surprise was also dropped, which got me particularly excited. As someone who keeps subscribing to and subsequently canceling my payment to Microsoft for Game Pass, I’m happy to say that Tunic is coming to Switch. Previously, this cute, retro-inspired isometric action RPG from Nixxes Software was a timed exclusive on Xbox and PC, but now, it’s coming to both Nintendo’s console and Sony’s PlayStation 4 and 5 too.

Check out the announcement trailer!

Explore a land filled with lost legends, ancient powers, and ferocious monsters in TUNIC, an isometric action game about a small fox on a big adventure. Stranded in a ruined land, and armed with only your own curiosity, you will confront colossal beasts, collect strange and powerful items, and unravel long-lost secrets.


This may have something to do with it – last July, Sony actually acquired Nixxes. Yup – I know a lot of you love Microsoft, but as a Sony fan, I’m excited for the game’s release on more platforms on September 27, 2022. Go ahead and pre-order it on the Switch eShop for $29.99 USD, and you’ll be able to play it the moment it becomes available.

Here’s why I’m excited

My favorite part of the game from what I’ve played so far is the game’s instruction manual. Tunic’s developers have crafted your journal or game log to look and feel like an old school game case insert complete with instructions for how to play, special techniques, maps, tips and other more. I do miss collecting physical media, and digitizing this bit of nostalgia has me hooked.

Dodge, block, parry and strike monsters big and small in shady forests, sprawling ruins, and labyrinthine catacombs as you uncover the world’s strange secrets. You can also join the Tunic Discord community to share your excitement for the game or geek out with other players while you uncover all that the cute little fox has to explore in just a few weeks.

While you wait, you can check out these seven awesome indie games that were recently shown off at PAX West 2022 and prepare for Ubisoft to add indie titles to its subscription service. I’m personally going to be playing Bear & Breakfast for the foreseeable future though as it releases tomorrow!

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