Wayfinder launches in Early Access with crashing and loading issues, fixes inbound

Early Access games are often filled with excitement and anticipation, and Wayfinder, developed by Airship Syndicate, was no exception. Many eagerly awaited the game’s Early Access debut on PC and PlayStation, but, unfortunately, the launch didn’t go quite as planned. As soon as it went live, it was met with server issues and instability, causing frustration for those trying to log in today.

Player Frustration and Game Crashes

The good news is that the dev team quickly sprung into action. They began working on a series of updates to fix the issues as soon as feedback started coming in about these problems. I imagine they’ve been hard at work since they woke up this morning, too. However, stabilizing the servers took longer than the team had anticipated, which prompted them to make some hard decisions to ensure the best possible experience for their player base.

To prevent further crashes, they decided to implement reduced capacity on the servers, as shown in a post on X. While this move limited the number of players who could log in and play, it allowed those who did to have a smoother experience in the game world of Evenor. Unfortunately, it also meant some players received a “Maximum player capacity is reached, please try again later” error message when attempting to get in for themselves.

The login issues weren’t the only problems faced. Those who managed to get past that screen had the game crash during the tutorial! This was fixed for most when they waited and tried again, but I can see how frustrating this was for them.

Addressing the Issues

Do keep in mind that Wayfinder is in Early Access right now, and these kinds of things are likely to have occured anyway. It’s inspiring to see the support and vision the developers had for the launch, and that they wanted to avoid all issues, giving founders a great experience, unlike larger companies.

Earlier this afternoon, the Wayfinder support team on X posted an acknowledgement of both the login and crashing problems and are actively working to address them. As you can see, the server cap remained in place overnight to help maintain stability and let the team keep analyzing the issues. They’re planning to release a full breakdown of what happened on launch day and share their plans for moving forward.

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