To the dreamers, the rebels, welcome to Indie Game Mode

Are you tired of the same old blockbuster titles hogging all the attention? Do you crave unique, innovative, and underappreciated gaming experiences that don’t always get the love they deserve from big gaming sites? Well, you’ve just found your new home!

We love indie games of all sizes…

Indie Game Mode is more than just another gaming news site. We won’t just cover the biggest indies on the rise. While titles that are viral on social media will appear here, we’re actively seeking out unique small to medium indie games that would not be picked up by IGN and others!

You see, indie games of all shapes and sizes deserve love and attention. From their conception, through their development and on through their release, someone’s got to dig up and brag about these gems, and that’s us.

From news, to reviews, and even dev updates on games both finished and in production, we’ll keep you up to speed. Why, do we cover games that are in active development, you ask? Simple – because indies need Wishlists on Steam. They need to garner interest and get exposure leading up to their release, not just after it.

Often, the gunshot press they get at the end of their cycle lasts only but a moment before fizzling out, and those developers and amazing games they create are left without a life raft. Developers of all walks of life sacrifice immensely to create that which they’re passionate about, and oftentimes with nothing in return.

…and the developers that make them!

Another way in which Indie Game Mode is unique compared to other publications is that while we cater to indie game fans looking for the best games to wishlist and keep an eye on, we also cater to the developers making those games. That’s right, if you’re a dev, you’re likely looking for other titles and creators who, just like you, are looking for community. You’re probably also looking for industry advice, interviews, and wisdom from those who have already made it to the top.

As a developer myself, I will say it for you – we all need to help each other! You’re likely also looking for tutorials in your favorite software, free assets, and more. Over time, we’ll build out a treasure trove of articles and YouTube videos just for you, and if you’d like to create guest content in your field of expertise, just say the word!

Getting your game covered here is like free press. We’ll cover ongoing updates, releases, and more to highlight your vision and get you wishlists on Steam or traffic to wherever you’re selling your game! Are you crowdfunding through Kickstarter and trying to meet your goal? Let us know and we’ll write something up to highlight the campaign so you have a better chance of meeting your goal.

Remember, Kickstarter is all or nothing, so every bit of exposure helps. Of course, while we’re much more inclusive to what we feature than larger websites, we’ll still need to determine whether the game looks like something our readers would be excited to play or not, so be sure you have a press kit ready, polish your demo Steam page and reach out.

We want to hear from you!

We’re all ears for your feedback! If you have suggestions, comments, or anything else you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your input helps us improve and deliver the best indie game coverage possible. You can contact us through the form on our website or drop us an email at We want this to be a place you know to go for the best content, and we want to build a community that helps each other!

Want to write for us?

Are you as passionate about indie games as we are? Do you love to write? We’re always on the lookout for talented contributors. Send us a message with links to your work so we can get a sense of your style. While our current positions are volunteer-based or offer per-article compensation for guest posts, we plan to introduce paid opportunities in the future.

Indie Game Mode is all about celebrating the rebellion that fuels indie gaming. It’s about recognizing the passion, creativity, and dedication that go into crafting these hidden gems. In a world where every pixel tells a story, you have the power to create and to destroy, not the big wigs sitting at the top of the AAA industry deciding whose work is hot and whose is not. With games built on passion, the only rule is rebellion, and you’re in control. Are you ready to enter INDIE GAME MODE?

With that, welcome aboard! We’re here to champion the indie gaming revolution, and we can’t wait to embark on this incredible journey with you. Stay tuned for the latest news, reviews, and much more as we dive into the world of indie games, where innovation knows no bounds. Together, we’ll defy conventions and shine a spotlight on the brilliance that’s waiting to be seen. Let the adventure begin!

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