Night Spasm

Night Spasm is an open-world action-adventure RPG with an intense turn-based combat system, unique characters, and a philosophical story you’ll never forget…
Developer: Gideon Moes


This is an ongoing project and the first phase of a multi-chapter game. Chapter 1 is completable, but the content is subject to change until the release of Chapter 2!


Night Spasm is a single-player philosophical role-playing video game that prompts you to make in-game decisions based on your real-life philosophies and worldviews. Designed for casual and non-casual players, Night Spasm is both an entertaining adventure of quests and combat but also a personal learning experience that tells a lore-rich story you can study, question, and interpret limitlessly.

The story follows the lives of three main characters, Theodore, Vander, and Evana, three air pilots who have found themselves in a mysterious world after seemingly dying from a plane crash. Saved from death by a wise and friendly mage known as MOG, the pilots find themselves in “The Island”, a once beautiful world designed to save the lives of those meeting an unfortunate end, now locked in war by an ambitious and terrifying enemy. Inevit, a phantom of unknown motivations, has captured a mystical entity called “The Rechance”, the source of magic power responsible for saving the lives of countless creatures, including the pilots.

As the player, you are responsible for guiding the pilots in forming a colony to take down the phantom and restore The Island to its former glory. Or perhaps, you may even have a different plan in mind for these characters…

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