No More Fathers

Set off on a high flying, exploration and puzzling adventure game. A journey set high above the clouds, in a mysterious world full of unexplored islands, dark spirits, caves, people with stories to share, and a boy looking for answers to the questions of a fatherless life, led by an ancient wind.


No More Fathers is an adventure about a boys journey, exploring, flying, puzzle solving, helping others, and finding the truth

Learn new skills and songs on your flute, flying through the world as a young boy who’s best friend is The Wind!

Learn the truth about the past of the islands… and yourself

Visit corrupted forests and islands lost to darkness, while solving puzzles to help restore The Wind and life to the islands

Follow the mysterious and ancient wind, find yourself tangled in an enchanted journey to find the truth about your father that will lead to healing from your past and a new reality that will bring change to yourself and the islands that inhabit the sky, whether some villages agree with it or not.

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