Here’s why I’m so incredibly excited for Neva by Nomada Studios

After embarking on an emotional journey with Gris, a game that was more than entertainment but therapy in its purest form, my excitement for Neva, the next offering from Nomada Studios, knows no bounds. My anticipation is building, and today, I want to share with you why!

Neva’s connection to Gris

Gris allowed us to traverse a landscape filled with emotions, a unique artistic journey that transcended mere gameplay. It was therapy, an experience that resonated with deepest chords of human existence. The beauty, the puzzles, and the storytelling of the game were nothing short of masterful.

Meet Alba and her wolf cub

Now, Nomada Studios is introducing Neva, a 2.5D adventure game set to release next year. It tells the story of Alba, who builds a bond with a wolf cub, and together, they’ll explore a decaying world, growing and maturing. This relationship echoes the deep emotional connections that were so central to Gris. The developers’ ability to craft a rich and emotional experience with Gris makes me confident that Neva will be no exception. The themes of loss, grief, and hope that Neva promises to tackle, along with my enjoyment of Gris, fuel my enthusiasm for what lies ahead with their next game.

A larger world with more complex puzzles

Neva is a step ahead of Gris though, boasting a more extensive world and intricate puzzles. I loved the challenges in the previous title but the prospect of even more stimulation in Neva excites me. The game was announced during the PlayStation Showcase last year, and even its trailer was enough to move me to tears.

A more mature art style and story

The artistry of Gris was a visual and emotional feast. Nomada Studio’s knack for marrying stunning visuals with deep emotion was an unforgettable experience. Now, Neva promises to continue this tradition, and I can’t wait to see how the tale of Alba and her wolf cub unfolds. Their journey, through a world both beautiful and decaying, promises to be as moving and incredible as Gris’s was.

My body is ready, but my heart is not

I believe Neva has the potential to be truly special. From the art style to the complex puzzles and the mature story, every aspect is calling out to me. The developer’s track record assures me that Neva will carry the same emotional weight and resonance that made Gris an essential part of my healing.

My journey with Gris was a profound one, a therapy session wrapped in a stunning game. Now, I stand on the brink of another adventure, eager to explore what Neva has to offer. The wait until 2024 seems long, but the promise of another near perfect game from Nomada makes it all worth it.

Neva is most certainly a title to watch. It will follow in Gris’ footsteps and be more than a game; it will be a continuation of an artistic expression that moves us beyond words, and my body is ready, even if my heart isn’t.

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