Galactic deliveries await: Dive into ‘Worlds Of The Future’ and command your own space freight empire

Get excited about “Worlds Of The Future,” an upcoming sci-fi open-world action/adventure game. Imagine No Man’s Sky mixed with Morphite, but with unique charm and better world design, and you’re on the right track.

Moonmen Games, a Denmark-based indie company, is developing the game. It’s set in a lively and colorful solar system in the year 2500. Drawing inspiration from Futurama and Star Trek, the game creates an immersive and vibrant world.

Seamless Exploration and Space Delivery

You can explore a seamless solar system filled with adventure, mystery, and engaging characters. Picture taking off from a planet’s surface and flying through space without any loading screens! Yep, this feature is getting more popular with indies now, not just Hello Games! (Come on, Starfield) You’ll get to discover futuristic cities, fight space pirates, and even relax in a bar after a busy day of space delivery.

That’s right – space delivery! In “Worlds Of The Future,” you’ll start and run your own space delivery company. You’ll complete deliveries across the solar system, hire a crew, command your freighter ship, and rise through the company rankings.

This game pulls on my desire to run deliveries and create an in game economy in No Man’s Sky, but while that aspect of the game was very exciting to me who wanted some life sim elements, it was never really made to be more immersive or complex.

Choices, Reputation, and Gameplay Dynamics

Every action and choice shapes your reputation. How will factions and the law view you? Will you follow the rules or bend them? The choice is yours. Moonmen Games’ playful, ambitious approach shines through.

They’ve worked on the game for over six years, using Unreal Engine 4, and their passion is clear. Bright and colorful visuals mix with in-world companies and characters (there are aliens, robot gangsters, cyborg monsters, space pirates, evil sentient robots and more), creating a Futurama feel, if I’m honest.

All factions will try to slow you down, especially if you’re trespassing their territories. You’ll have to plan your delivery routes around these territories if you want to avoid them, or you’ll have to try and improve your reputation with the factions, by completing deliveries for them.

Moonmen Games

How you can support the developer

The game is in Early Access on Steam now, with no specific release date announced. You can wishlist it to stay updated. If you’re like me and always on the lookout for a new adventure, “Worlds Of The Future” is worth getting excited about (have you seen those dogfights?!) Keep an eye on Moonmen Games’ X or Twitter account for more as it nears release.

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