Wrenched is a satisfying 3D bullet hell platformer packed with charm

I’ve had my eye on a game recently and have been waiting to cover it until I had a bit more time. Wrenched (previously called Junkworld), by Cherry Nugget Games, which has me rummaging for snacks because its name and logo are so tasty looking – is a 3D bullet hell platformer packed with charm. In this game, you’ll be dodging bullets, smashing robots (called BOTs), and immersing yourself in a tale of survival in a dystopian world. Let’s check it out!

Enter the Iron Wastelands to save your brother

In this robot-overrun world, you guide Carley, our wrench-sword-wielding protagonist (yes, unlike other bullet hell games, you have to get up close and personal with melee combat!), on a quest to save her brother. You’ll journey through diverse locales, from the daunting Iron Wastelands to trap-infested factories and submerged cities. The narrative unfolds to something deeper though, and we’ll have to wait for it to release to uncover that mystery.

Expect tactical platforming, edge-of-your-seat boss battles, and riveting quests. Align yourself with Underground Survivors and skirmishing with mythical scrappers. Open new areas chock full of unique quests by yourself or with a friend. Yep, there’s going to be couch co-op! As a dad, I’m all in on games bringing this back since it took a hiatus for most of my twenties and the industry went chronically online. Just a quick note – it looks like this may not be in the initial launch, and may be added afterward.

Alpha footage only. Final game may change

The brain and soul behind the game

Lex van den Berg is the sole maestro at Cherry Nugget Games behind Wrenched. Despite this, the game looks really freaking good. As it should though, since he has over 13 years of experience in the gaming scene.

If you’re interested in seeing his creation process or if you’re creating something in the same vein, you can check out his YouTube channel where he posts all of his devlogs. There, you can see a candid look into his creation process. Hopefully, these will inspire your own journey, or at least get you more excited about the game!

Unlike many newbie indie devs, Lex has apparently also focused heavily on accessibility for the game. There are health and UI modifications, dynamic difficulty settings, and more to help everyone feel comfortable playing. It also has Dutch, Spanish, German and French language options – not just English! Localization can cost a lot of money, so it helps if you’re multi-lingual.

How you can support the developer

Between its unique take on the bullet hell genre, its traditional platforming, which I also miss from my youth, the promise of a rich narrative and the transparent creation process showcased through the YouTube devlogs, Wrenched is setting itself up as a notable release for 2025-2026 in my not so humble opinion. Bound for Steam for PC and Switch (a natural fit for Nintendo), I’d advise adding it to your wishlist!

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